Food photography service

“I have a TON of followers on Instagram!”

“People love me on Snapchat!”

“I know how to post pictures of food on social media, so that makes me qualified to manage your restaurant’s social media accounts!”

There is a trend among online foodies – if you aren’t familiar with the term “foodies,” these are people who post photos of food online – to get into the business of charging restaurants big bucks to manage their social media profiles like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. While it’s simple to snap a photo of a delicious looking plate and post it on Instagram, there’s a big difference between running a personal social media account versus managing a restaurant’s entire social media presence. After all, your restaurant is a business, not a hobby.

The allure is real. One of the biggest advantages for restaurants to utilize social media is to leverage foodies. There are a select few users on social media that have big influence on their followers. Having them post about your restaurant can be huge when it comes to growing your followers and gaining priceless exposure for your fantastic food. That allure stops here.

We have seen countless restaurants pay foodies to run their accounts. Unfortunately, we’ve almost always seen numerous missteps and overall mismanagement by so-called foodie social media “experts”. Social media is about more than pretty pictures, you need to reply to comments, take advantage of community events and positive press, and most importantly actively grow followers. Ignoring the total package is the equivalent of firing an expensive steak to beyond well done: AKA a terrible mistake.

Just because someone is a self-proclaimed foodie doesn’t mean they understand the ins and outs of professionally managing social media for businesses. Additionally, we’ve seen so many Foodies clog their feed with what is clearly unacknowledged sponsorship, many followers loose respect for people that are willing to sell to their integrity for a price. We’ve seen countless restaurants essentially held hostage. Similar to Yelp, either you continue to pay them, or they will withdraw their support. We believe that’s unethical and hurts our friends and neighbors.

Fortunately, the Such Great Heights Marketing team consists of restaurant social media marketing professionals who are well-versed in the foodie culture. Essentially, we are professionals first and foodies second. We have a passion for making Michigan successful and the experience to make it happen. We also have the skills to do more than posting, we offer a total concierge service. One phone call and we will manage all your marketing needs, easy peasy.

Our services make your restaurant shine online at an affordable price, without the potential of getting burned by amateurs who talk a big game. Contact us today to talk about the ways we can help your restaurant.