Nice to meet you.

While we love a good perch dinner, we’re not just your catch of the day. Such Great Heights Marketing LLC is committed to partnering long-term with restaurants, helping them succeed online. We specialize in serving restaurants and the hospitality industry, but have solutions for retail and beyond. Our mission is to provide quality services for businesses that don’t have the luxury of hiring a full-time marketing staffer or the budget to work with a ritzy marketing agency.

From strategy development to social media management, email campaigns to brochure design, we can provide you with marketing services that can help take your business to the next level.

Brett Heitz, Founder & President

After years of successful marketing work within various companies, Brett had an epiphany: small businesses have been getting the shaft. He realized his true calling was to help Michigan businesses reach their full potential through access to quality, affordable marketing services. Since that day, Brett spends most of his time using his skills and creativeness to promote the best of the Mitten.

Brett’s Director of Awesome (and love of his life) has a strong suspicion he may be addicted to Instagram. Brett insists it’s strictly business. Either way, you can rest assured he’s staying on top of Instagram and other social media tools to help your business succeed.

When he’s not hard at work, you can catch Brett at a Tigers game, eating a chicken shawarma wrap, or drinking a Michigan craft beer.

Tara Heitz, Director of Awesome

Tara began her sales career at age 12 when she bet her Uncles she could outsell the “grown-ups” working at the family store. She discovered that the only thing more fun than taking care of customers, was the prize money for tripling their sales in a day.

Since that young age, Tara has done everything from Beer Cart Girl to Telemarketing and, most recently, Medical Sales. One thing remains the same: her passion is making sure the customer walks away happy. This is her primary goal as Director of Awesome at Such Great Heights Marketing.

Tara’s success won her a couple of fancy awards throughout her career, but bragging rights over her Uncles is still her favorite accomplishment.

Why Hire Us?

Social media is a funny thing. Anyone can post… that’s the raw appeal. We’ve run across so many restaurants that have a General Manager, Chef, or even wait staff post to their social media sites. While there can be benefits, there are a lot of complications that we’ve seen from experience.

1. What if that staff member leaves? Way too often we have run into restaurants that have set up account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram just to see all the followers that they amassed leave with their manager. The one thing that is consistent in the restaurant industry is change. Not only do untrained managers or servers have better things to worry about, they tend to move around, taking your passwords with them.

2. Can you afford to pay your manager to play on Instagram, Facebook, etc.? Let’s be honest, as good of a tool that social media can be, your managers can generate more revenue tending to your customers. Let us answer questions and post engaging content during your business times. You focus on making great food and drinks.

3. Social Media is a landmine. We’ve all seen ridiculous Yelp reviews that push restaurant owners to the brink of sanity. It’s far better to send all your rage to an impartial third company to filter it, which is where we come in. We make sure the discussion surrounding your business is fair and that a response is professional.

4. You have better things to do. PERIOD. From owners to managers to servers, restaurants rarely hire someone for the sole purpose of dealing with managing their online presence, graphic design needs, menu boards, and event planning. It is cost prohibitive and doesn’t exactly deliver the best ROI. Enter Such Great Heights Marketing. We handle everything online, at your busiest times, for an affordable cost. Everyone wins.

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