There are two absolutes online: It’s always changing, and the internet never forgets. If you Google “social media fails,” you will find and abundance of flagrant fails. What you won’t find is a write up of everyday sins. Things that will have people quietly unfollowing you and forgetting you even exist. In our experience, the quickest way to loose followers and annoy fans are much less obvious. Behold, the five biggest sins you didn’t know you were committing.

5. Over/Under Posting

Are you posting fives times a day on Facebook? Using Instagram twice a month? Posting too much will get you unfollowed in a heartbeat. Posting to rarely makes you forgettable. Finding the sweet spot can be tough.

4. Poor Content

We’ve all seen horror stories of businesses that post an inappropriate response online. What you don’t see is hundreds of businesses losing followers because they only post graphics, stock photos or irrelevant memes. People are coming to your restaurant for the food and drinks, you should post mostly about that for the best results.

3. Linking Accounts

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are not the same. When you link accounts, at best you will be ignored. Most people will notice and just stop following you on one or more platforms and you can miss out on valuable advertising. Imagine that one really annoying commercial that you see all the time. It’s annoying. Are you annoyed yet? Don’t be that annoying commercial.

2. Not Replying to Comments

Most people commenting on Social Media just want to be heard. A comment from the business will go a long way to encouraging people to come in and see you. If they think you care, they will care too. People are going to talk about you regardless, commenting back gives you control of your story

1. Having an Employee Manage Your Account

Here is the thing. 90% of restaurants don’t have the budget to hire a full time employee to manage their social media. Think about your manager, do you want them responding to questions about Happy Hour at 6pm on a Friday? Do you want Chef posting about specials in the middle of the lunch rush? Social media is the most active during your busiest times and your staff can’t be in two places at once. Plus, we can’t tell you how many times a trusted employee leaves, taking all the passwords and control with them. There have been some SERIOUSLY bad situations that arose from a disgruntled employee having the keys to your social media kingdom.

All in all, social media can be a time consuming, landmine filled space. It doesn’t have to be though. Our goal is to take away all the stress so you can just do what you do best. It’s why we’ve been able to help over 50 restaurants. It’s why you should give us a call so you can get back to creating amazing food.