Hint: It should only take one.

Think about the last time you had an update to your restaurant’s menu. How many calls did it take to make it happen? A graphic designer, the printer, the website guy, the manager that updates Facebook. Juggling calls and updates while trying to get good food out to your customers. All that hassle for a few simple updates. No wonder restaurants don’t make changes very often.

What if it wasn’t that hard? What if you could email your new items to one place and have everything taken care of?

Managing a restaurant is challenging. Our goal is to let Chefs be Chefs and create killer food. With one simple email, we can take care of everything. We will take photos of your new dishes, update your menu and website, post to social media, send an email blast, and share with your current customers via a personalized mobile app. ONE and DONE.

Introducing Restaurant Concierge from Such Great Heights Marketing, a Michigan-based marketing company serving the hospitality industry. We’ll handle all of the updates you need in one simple place. No frills, no gimmicks. Pick and choose what will work well for your budget and customer base. We work with every client individually to build a completely customized solution.

We pride ourselves in being passionate, dedicated, and local loyal. We’re a Michigan company and want nothing more than to have you succeed.